Ατμομηχανή H0 Steam Loco BR 98.10 DRG, II, AC/SS BRAWA 40553

Κωδικός: BR40553
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Product Features and Details

HO Scale AC Era III Includes a digital decoder Includes a sound effect



As early as 1942, the Pt 31, referred to by the DRB as BR 19.1, in service in the "Eastern March" at that time in order to replace the completely overtaxed streamlined locomotives of BR 03.10. The train ran between Vienna and Passau without stopping. From 1944, 19.1 locomotives were also used in roundhouses in Vienna, a total of 16 engines being assigned. After the reconditioning of express trains had already been stopped before the end of the war, many engines were also decommissioned in 1945 in the occupied Austrian zones at that time. The roundhouse of Linz situated in the American zone had 25 locomotives, of which 19 were returned to PKP in December 1947. The locomotives found at the SBZ in Austria at the Vienna roundhouse were also handed over to Poland in 1948 apart from one decommissioned engine. On the other hand, the 19 158, 165 and 166 delivered directly to the DRB were regarded as "German" and left in Austria.


In 1953 they were given the new name 919. Apart from the Semmering Railway and the Southern Railway, they were used together with the BR 12.0. After electrification, the three steam locomotives were left to rust from 1957 onwards at the Hutteldorf railway station, until they were finally decommissioned in 1961. Since 1989 a "heritage" 919 has existed in Austria. This is Pt 47-138, which was purchased by PKP based on drawings of the Pt 31 from 1947 onwards. The company of Brenner & Brenner modelled its appearance as closely as possible on the Pt 31 and has since used it as "919.138" for special journeys.



Model: filigree metal spoke wheels; boiler, locomotive chassis and tender housing made of metal; 5-pole skew-wound motor with flywheel drives in the locomotive; driver's cab lighting; detailed boiler rear wall; spring buffer; train driver and fireman in driver's cab; multi-component lamp housing; 2 traction tyres; original colour replication: coachwork, boiler and frame black, wheels red; variable locomotive-tender spacing; free-standing pipes and handrails made of metal; open view between chassis and boiler

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