BLI-2066 PRR Q2, 4-4-6-4 #6187, Production Version, 18,000 gallon tender, Paragon2 Sound/DC/DCC, HO

Κωδικός: BL2066
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In 1942, the PRR built an experimental duplex drive freight locomotive, the Q1, with a 4-6-4-4 wheel arrangement.  In 1944, after identifying a number of flaws with the Q1, teh PRR built a second prototype, changing the wheel arrangement to 4-4-6-4 and creating class Q2.  This was followed by 25 production Q2s in 1945.  These rigid-frame four cylinder locomotives may have been the epitome of superpower steam locomotive design.  At 115,800 lbs of tractive effort and nearly 8,000 horsepower, the Q2 were the most powerful ten-coupled steam locomotives ever produced.  These monsters were the greyhounds of the PRR, single-handedly hauling tonnage at high speeds over the PRR's lines.  Mostly seen on the Pennsy west of Pittsburgh, these locomotives did venture east to territory such as Horseshoe Curve and their birthplace, Altoona.  The Q2 was emblematic of the PRR's commitment to on-line coal producers to continue to use steam locomotives to power their trains after World War II.  However, the Q2 could not match the maintenance records of the invading diesels and, by 1956, the last Q2 had been retired and scrapped.  No example of this titan of the rails was saved for posterity.


Industry-Leading Features OVERVIEW:


Super-Heavy Weighted Brass Construction and Detail


Features the ALL-NEW Paragon2 SOUND & Control System


Integral DCC Decoder with Back EMF for Industry Best Slow Speed Operation in DC and DCC

   (1 smph @ 128 Speed Steps)


Precision Drive Mechanism with sprung drivers engineered for continuous heavy load towing

   and ultra-smooth slow speed operation


Fly-Wheel Synchronized Puffing Smoke and Chuff


Grade & Load-sensing variable Smoke & Chuff Intensity (Less smoke and lighter chuff sounds

   when on a decline/less load; more smoke and belabored chuff when on inclines/more load.)


5-Pole Can Motor with Skew Wound Armature


Premium Caliber Painting with Authentic Paint Schemes


Operating Cab Roof Vents


Operating Metal Knuckle Couplers (2)


Factory Installed Engineer and Firemen Figures


Minimum radius: 22 radius or greater recommended.


Industry-Leading SOUND / OPERATION Features:



Operates with SOUND in DC & DCC (use DCMaster for DC sound)


Prototypical Light Operation with Golden White LED Headlight


AUTO PILOT (ATS) - Records and plays back sound and movement

   sequences for automated oper

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