Tillig HO 73132 Triebwagen BR772 DB AG Era VI

Κωδικός: TL73132
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Railbus 772 141-7 "Oberwei?bacher Berg- und Schwarzatalbahn" of the DB AG


New item 2017


Epoche VI Epoche des liberalisierten Schienenverkehrs in Deutschland (since 2007)

New number scheme according to UIC or TSI (12-digit scheme for locomotives as well), but no uniformly designed identification markings. Extensive equipment with ESTW technology and Ks-signals, removal of local signal boxes. Dismantling of dispensable infrastructure and highly rationalised investments in branch lines.


3-front-light on the frontside/2-front-light on the backside, dependet on the direction of traffic


Own Coupling pick-up and close coupling kinematics


Equipped with interior decoration


Isolated DC-wheel set (norm NEM 310/311)


Equipped with interior lighting


Nominal size H0, scale 1:87, gauge 16,5 mm


Decoder on board


not suited for children under 14 years



Length from buffer to buffer: 154 mm

product weight including packaging


270g product weight including packaging

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