Trix N scale Electric Locomotive DR Double Set BR 155 Ep. V

Κωδικός: TRT12506
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StoreCustomField_6 V Εποχη
StoreCustomField_7 DR Χώρα
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Model: Era V, One locomotive powered: comes with a digital connector, 4 axles powered, 2 traction tires and headlight reversal. One locomotive unpowered, with headlights. The locomotives are weathered, but differently. Total length 245 mm / 9-5/8.


Six Times the Enjoyment! Petroleum oil products are often transported in unit tank car trains. Due to the daily, hard use and the oily nature of the load, the cars in the prototype have a typically dirty appearance. Minitrix has succeeded in reproducing the typical look on the cars in the model. Together with the appropriately weathered models of the class 155 locomotives (item no. 15206), such a petroleum oil train can be reproduced from the founding period of the DB AG around 1994. A total of 270 units of the class 250 were built at LEW Hennigsdorf between 1977 and 1984 for the German State Railroad. These extremely sturdy locomotives proved themselves on all of the densely traveled DR routes and soon made up the backbone of the heavy freight service. Their appearance soon lent them the nickname Red Container. After reunification the class 250 - now the class 155 - soon proved itself in the western part of Germany. Assigned to the Nurnberg District 2 they were frequently seen in service on the Frankenwald line.

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