Ντηζελομηχανή H0 Diesel Loco Gravita 15BB DB, VI, AC/S BRAWA 42707

Κωδικός: BR42707
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Diesel Locomotive Gravita 15BB D


For over 70 years, the Voith company of Heidenheim has been a supplier of vehicle parts, especially high-performance hydraulic transmissions. For the first engine developed completely in-house, the new company Voith Turbo Lokomotivtechnik GmbH &amp, Co KG was founded, with headquarters in Kiel. The first engine, christened the Maxima 40 CC, had its public debut in 2006. With an output of 3600 kW, it is the strongest single-engine diesel-hydraulic locomotive. Since it was designed from the outset as a modular family, the vehicle is also availablein a different performance class as the Maxima 30 CC and Maxima 20 BB.Despite the risk, a large number of orders were placed relatively quickly. This encouraged Voith in the project of developing a modular locomotive family for shunting and light line service. A high demand is expected in this area for the next few years, as many older locomotives are due for replacement and diesel traction is preferred, especially in shunting service. After a short development time, Voith Lokomotivtechnik presented the first sample of the Gravita family at InnoTrans 2008. Five different performance classes are projected, from the four-axle Gravita 20 BB to the &quot, chicks&quot,, which go by the name Gravita 5 BB and which have only two axles. Continuing this success, the larger sister in this series, the Gravita 15L BB, was shown in Berlin in 2012. Although only 1.2 m longer than the Gravita 10 BB, it produces up to 1,800kW, making it as suitable for line service as it is for shunting. All locomotives built by Voith Turbo Lokomotivtechnik are also suited for multi-led traction with each other.


   Separately mounted handrails

   Finely detailed, three-dimensional bogie

   Finest paintwork and printing

   True-to-scale fan-grill

   True-to-scale engravings and details


   All axles driven

   LED lighting

   21-pole interface

   Driver's cab light and red tail lights can be switched on and off


Sound and digital version EXTRA:


   Filigree electronic coupling

   Functional, switchable fan

   Different light signals switchable

   BRAWA Gravita-Sound

   Switchable high beam


It is possible to retrospectively convert the Gravita 10 BB as well as the Gravita 15L BB from analogue to digital via a 21-pin NEM interface (only sound functions). Please note that it is not possible to retrospectively convert the digital remotecontrol coupling, the driven fan or the additional light functions.

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