Ντηζελομηχανή H0 Diesellok BR 232 Wismut, V, DC/S BRAWA 41440

Κωδικός: BR41440
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Diesellok BR 232 Wismut


For coupling sand trains for the purpose of restoring the uranium-ore mines in the Ronneburg region, the Wismut AG was still using their V 200 which had been directly delivered there in the 70ies. With the increasing age and the removal from service at the DBAG, economic maintenance of this series was no longer ensured. Therefore, three machines of this series were taken over and re-motorised in Cottbus. They have the fleet number V 300 001 - 003 and are painted in mint-green/grey.


   New lighting with warm white LED

   Perforated ventilator grill and individually mounted

   Rotating roof ventilators

   Signal horn individually mounted

   Windscreen wipers individually mounted

   Three-dimensional bogie with many individually mounted parts

   Finely engraved details

   Freestanding handrails

   Bogies with inside bearings

   Reproduction of cooling van

   Extra mounted steel springs

   Metal chassis and drivetrain halves

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