Ντηζελομηχανή H0 Diesel Loco Gravita 10BB Panlog, VI, AC/S BRAWA 42769

Κωδικός: BR42769
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Diesel Locomotive Gravita 10BB Panlog


At the same time as Stahl Gerlafingen AG, the Swiss logistics service provider Panlog bought three Gravita 10 BB from Voith, the locomotive manufacturer based in Kiel. The locos are primary used in domestic traffic, but also in neighbouring foreign countries, and mainly to transport raw materials and steel industry products.


   Separately mounted handrails

   Finely detailed, three-dimensional bogie

   Finest paintwork and printing

   True-to-scale fan-grill

   True-to-scale engravings and details


   All axles driven

   LED lighting

   21-pole interface

   Driver's cab light and red tail lights can be switched on and off


Sound and digital version:


   Filigree electonic coupling

   Functional, switchable fan

   Different light signals switchable

   BRAWA Gravita-Sound

   Switchable high beam

   21-pole interface

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