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Κωδικός: RC33207
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Prototype: 3 axle narrow gauge Diesel locomotive. Operating condition: 1970s. Service: Open cast mining - for factory’s own transportation.Model: Finely detailed appearance in coal mine livery. Overall length: 58 mm. This model has no interface. Mining and shaft railways Next to the huge mining machinery and the immense production capacity of a coal mine it is the railways down in the mines that are the most impressive feature. With their narrow gauge tracks and the tiny vehicles they wind their way on the curvy track through the shafts. The mini locomotives served not only the transportation of the mined coal, but they were also used for the large part to transport the miners in the small wagons, also called dumpers, to their places of work often deep under the surface. During the 19th Century the dumpers were often pulled by the ponies and if the shafts were to curvy then sometimes also by children who were regularly used as laborers in mining. The first electric shaft railway for coal mining was built 1882 by Siemens & Halske in Zackerode near Dresden. It was powered by direct current of only few hundred volts with the motor being fed directly from the track line. Other then the electric traction there were also shaft railways that operated with compressed air, this however caused very high operating costs, and naturally the propulsion with gasoline motors. The latter implied a very high risk of operation hence in the operation in modern shaft railways it was always diesel that was used because of its low danger of ignition; in earlier shaft railways operation it was also gasoline, benzene, and an alcohol/benzene mixture that were used. The robust motors had to be mounted to be shock resistant and the exhaust fumes had to be specially trailed and filtered. With such technology it was possible to build and operate powerful subterranean and above ground railways that became the norm in many mines in subsequent times and became extremely useful for the transportation of mined raw material and/or exhumed material alike.Shaft railways are still used every day in the mines because most often they are the simplest and most effective transportation available. In some model mines they are a well appreciated and comfortable way to discover the life of the miners above and below ground.


Number of driven axles



In-house produced coupling




LED lighting



Length over buffer

58 mm

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