58539 - Diesel locomotive class 212, DB

Κωδικός: RC58539
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58539 - Diesel locomotive class 212, DB


[Gauge: H0 1:87] [Epoch: IV - V] [Elect. system: AC] [Sound] [Note to EU Toys Directive

Railway company:    |

Epoch: IV - V   |

Gauge: H0   |

Elect. system: AC   |

EAN: 9005033585396


Diesel locomotive class 212 of the Deutsche Bundesbahn. Model in ocean blue/beige livery.


* Perfectly matches the crane train

* Model equipped with PluX22 Sound Decoder and LED headlights

* The digital headlights can be separately switched

¦ Sound in cooperation with Leosoundlab


In the 1950s, the Deutsche Bundesbahn developed a diesel locomotive type programme for the renewal of their vehicle fleet. The main goal was the replacement of the steam traction on the still quite extensive local lines. For the mixed branch line service, the single-engine V 100 series with 1100 hp engines was developed. Parallel to these V 100.10 were delivered from 1962 to 1965 a total of 380 machines equipped with 1350 hp engines as V 100.20.


With the introduction of the computer number, the series designation of the more powerful machines has been changed to 212. After the classic red colour, numerous machines received from 1974/75 a ocean blue / beige coating.


After the decommissioning of numerous branch lines, the classic field of use of the V 100 shrank as well. Suburban transport and transfer trains were still on the mission programme. Some machines were used in the construction train service. Numerous locomotives found new owners, among others at the NE railways and track construction companies in Germany and abroad.




Number of axles with traction tyres


Number of driven axles



NEM shaft 362 without close coupling mechanism

Minimum radius

358 mm




Digital decoder




Operating system



Electrical interface for traction units PluX22

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