Marklin HO 2668 Lufthansa Airport Exp.Elec. Loco & 3 Passenger Cars - Digital

Κωδικός: MA02668
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This is a Marklin 2668 Lufthansa Airport Express Electric Locomotive & 3 Passenger Cars. Included in this set is a Class 103 Electric Locomotive which is digitally equipped and features headlights, metal wheels & axles, and 2 pantographs; and 3 German Federal Railroad pressure-tight open seating and compartment cars in a special version, which feature durable plastic construction, furnished interior, plastic trucks and couplers, metal wheels and axles, and exquisite detail. They are not lighted and measure approximately 10 3/4“ long.


Condition: Factory New (C-9)

Operational Status: Functional

Original Box: Yes (P-9)


Manufacturer: Marklin

Model Number: 2668


Scale/Era: HO Modern

Model Type: Electric Loco

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