Marklin H0 - Article No. 76371 Color Light Track Block / Yard Signal.

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Licht-Gleissperrsignal | Gauge H0 - Article No. 76371

Color Light Track Block / Yard Signal.

Prototype: German Federal Railroad (DB) standard design yard signal. Dwarf signal without a mast. 2 settings: "Stop" - red/red (Sh0) and "Proceed" - white/white (Sh1).



Yard signal for use in switching areas.

Signal housing on a prototypically narrow base.

The Sh1 aspect is correct with 2 white lights.


Model: The signal has an integrated electronic signal circuit and 1 separate signal decoder. There is a plug contact on the narrow foot of the signal housing. The signal housing has a small lens hood. Control of all functions is possible in the digital system with the signal decoder included with the signal, or with a conventional control box. The signal decoder can be installed under C Track or under the layout. For digital operation, the configuration and the address can be assigned and tested before the installation. Connections for controlling train movements are on the signal decoder. Height without base 10.0 mm / 3/8".

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